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Are you in the Sabie, Mpumalanga Area and in need of wireless for your home or business?

No more down time and slow connections.

We believe in only the best quality service and products. That’s why we partner with progressive businesses that offers effective and useful services to the community – such as wireless. 

Available areas: Sabie, Nelspruit, Lydenburg, Graskop & Hazyview

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We serve the private and business sectors, just choose your package.


After 500GB of data has been used, a soft cap will be implimented.


Soft Cap @ 500GB, Conection Ration @ 1:10 and Upload Speed @ 50% of download speed
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Truly uncapped package


Soft Cap @ Uncapped; Contention Ratio @ 1:1 and Upload speed@ Same as download speed
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This is the number of users sharing the safe data capacity.  The lower the contention ratio the higher the quality of service

When a certain amount of data is used on an internet line, a soft cap may apply. Meaning that your line speed will be affected. 

On the HOME CONNECT your upload speed is half of selected package download speed (example:  Home Connect 3 – download: 4 Mbps ; upload: 2 Mbps). This package is further more also soft capped at 500GB. So if you purchase the 4Mbps line and you reach the 500GB threshold, your line speed will then be reduced to download: 2 Mbps ; upload: 1 Mbps until the new month.

On the BUSINESS CONNECT your upload and download speed is the same (example:  Business Connect 3 – download: 6 Mbps ; upload: 6 Mbps). This package is truly uncapped and therefore the speed will never be reduced.