Why upgrade your windows?

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Upgrade Windows, but wait...

What is Windows and why do I need it?

 Microsoft Windows was announced by Bill Gates on November 10, 1983.[1] Microsoft introduced Windows as a graphical user interface for MS-DOS, which had been introduced a couple of years earlier. In the 1990s, the product line evolved from an operating environment into a fully complete, modern operating system over two lines of development, each with their own separate codebase.

                                       (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Microsoft_Windows)

Operating systems is software that manages your computer software and hardware. This makes it easier for you to access your computer and work on documents. This operating systems is know as Windows & there has been different versions release over the years.

Therefore, what operating system are you still using on your computer?

Perhaps still Windows XP?

Ever wondered whether or not you should upgrade your Windows to the latest version?

But I bet you that you don't even know the different versions available in 2018?

One Tip I wanna add:

If you are still using Windows1, 3.1, 95, 98, 2000 or ME, then yes, upgrade as soon as possible.  With the few exceptions of software that you need that only works on those OSs (operating systems), it is not worth using those OSs anymore.

Besides the above mentioned, lets get into it...

1. Windows XP

Many people still use Windows XP. This version of the Windows operating system has thoroughly been updated and perfected. It is a well-rounded operating system. Sadly, it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Generally it is fine to keep on using it, but if you plan on upgrading your computer to the latest hardware and if you are going to use modern software or games, you will need a newer version of Windows. If you simply use the computer to store files, or for entertainment, such as listening to music, or watching movies, then by all means, XP will still work fine for you.

2. Windows Vista

 This version of Windows has been widely claimed to be a mistake. The OS (Operating System) was the precursor to Windows 7 and mistakes were made. It is no longer support by Microsoft and there is a limit to the amount of updates, patches and service packs you can install to try and improve Vista. Therefore it is our recommendation to upgrade to a newer version of Windows if you do have Vista. All functionality is likely to improve with the upgrade.

3. Windows 7

This is a tried and true favorite of Microsoft. It was the best OS for several years and if you still have it, then you can safely continue using it. Microsoft has officially announced that they will end the support for Windows 7 by 2020. But for now it is still a perfectly good OS to use. Most programs and hardware are still compatible with it, with the exception of high end graphic related software, for which it is always better to keep your OS as modern as possible.

4. Windows 8

After the unsuccessful release of Windows 8, which was basically the same as Windows Vista, there was an updated released 8.1. With Windows 8 that definitely was not perfect,, consumers where enraged with the new start up menu. Luckily Microsoft had a swift response to upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1. In some aspects the upgrade of 8 to 8.1, was better than Windows 7. So if you happen to have Windows 8, then upgrade to Windows 8.1 (this is a free upgrade, and should update automatically.) Once again, this OS is perfectly fine to use, except if  you are a high end graphics designer or gaming computer.

5. Windows 10

This OS was released in 2015 and it had a lot of problems. Issues with the start menu, task bar, settings functions and a lot more.  Microsoft released a series of updates and after about a year, the OS finally rounded out. Today, Windows 10 works very well. Very large updates are still released at times, but the OS works well with all modern software (that is compatible with Windows).  It is a personal favorite at the moment. New computers will generally come with Windows 10 pre-loaded.

So after this, should you still upgrade?

If you plan on upgrading your computer, or buy a new computer, the best option by far will be to get Windows 10. This ensures that your system is equipped with the latest OS and will definitely guarantee productivity and efficiency.

Let’s face it, we all want our computer to work at it’s maximum potential, without any glitches. 

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Get into the habit of staying up to date, not only with regards to information, but also with software and hardware upgrades.

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