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Managed IT Solutions

Fundamental to to the complex process of IT systems within a company, including it’s infrastructure, cabling, network and computers, is a solution that run reliably and efficiently. Without this, no business, home office or educational institution can operate productively.


At Oculon, we can operate as a fully outsourced IT department. Offering you complete peace of mind in the knowledge that every aspect of your network is taken care of proactively. Additionally, we can work in conjunction with your IT department. Using us as an additional resource means you do not have to worry about IT staff going on annual leave and they can tap into our extensive knowledge base for problems that go beyond normal administration.


We are committed to making the management of all or parts of your company’s IT infrastructure simple, reliable and secure.

Managed IT Support

With computers and digital devices becoming increasingly affordable, more people and companies are relying on them than ever before. Yet, despite all the benefits this provide, what happens when one of these devices or systems encounter a problem?

At Oculon, our team of experienced technicians understand no job is too big or too small. Problems need to be fixed so that you can carry on with your work, your studies and your life. So whether it is a problem with a network cable, a virus, or even a cloud migration, give our team a call and discuss how we can partner to take you forward and lessen your pressure with the right tech support.


After all, you do not want to get stuck with I.T. issues – you want to dominate the world!

Managed Network Security

Partnered with one of the worlds renowned “next-generation endpoint security, network protection and cloud-based threat intelligence services” – Webroot.

Oculon offers smarter cyber security services and solutions. Allowing for ultimate protection through machine learning, including multi-vector security solutions.



Don’t let cyber bullies hold your business hostage!

Social Media & Analytics

We have teamed up with Mana Marketing, one of the best social media marketers around.

As a professional operation, he is devoted to improving your over all media presence for the business. Getting you noticed by competitors and clients alike. With his dedication to improve your business growth, you are sure to increase your business revenue instantly.


Keen on making your mark? Don’t waste time! Make marketing easy by getting an expert involved.