9 Damaging Computer Viruses

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9 Damaging Computer Viruses

In the 21st Century everything is going digital. Electronics are used widely throughout the world and computers are no different. Computers are used by businesses and individuals alike to make their lives easier.


with this increase in usage, there is also an increase in risk when using your computer.



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They damage systems and delete data without warning. While there are loads of different types of viruses, we are going to look at  9 viruses that are deadly!



This virus is know as a mass-mailing macro virus. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melissa_(computer_virus)). Established in 1999, it was the main cuase for an estimated 300 to 600 million dollars. This virus is know to spread at a very fast rate. This virus infects 15 to 20 percent of PC’s in the world, through the help of Microsoft Outlook. Each email message contains a .doc file, which after opening, results in the infection of your computer.Your system is attacked through the virus that is replicated.


READ HERE, For the history on this virus.



Originating from Hong Kong it infected the computers of businesses and government alike. Users receive an email with a love letter attached. Once the email is opened it will immediately infect your system. But it does not stop there. This virus will collect your email addresses and send the mail to them as well. This way, the virus infects your whole system as well as multiple other systems through your email list. The damage of this virus is said to be around 10 billion dollars.

So next time you receive a love letter via email, think twice before opening.


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Founded in 2001 by a Ch

inese and spread through a web browser. This virus is vicious in nature, affecting websites and then also infecting each visitor to that website. Designed to create maxi

mum damage, it affects servers and then in turn other servers as well. It infected 10 thousands of websites in the world. It also replicates itself and normally eats a lot of your system resources.



This virus spreads at a very fast rate. Worst of all, no one knows who created it! Founded in 2004, it infected over 1 Million systems. This virus was created to open a back door on the computer. It provides authorized access to the computer by blocking the network. Mydoom appears to have been commissioned by e-mail spammers so as to send junk e-mail through infected computers.[2] The worm contains the text message “andy; I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry,” leading many to believe that the worm’s creator was paid. Early on, several security firms expressed their belief that the worm originated from a programmer in Russia.[3] The actual author of the worm is unknown.  (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mydoom)


This virus appeared as an email transmission error and spreads itself.




This is a security nightmare, founded in 2005.  Through this virus, the attacker can control any user’s computer security. This is also known as remote access Trojan, giving full control through a back door to the attacker. Once the virus is installed, the attacker can use the speaker, webcam and can activate any control of the infected computer.



This virus is also using Trojan horse. These attacks are performed by the login form, when the user fills in all their details, the virus can track all the details. This virus uses Phishing scams for infecting the majority of computers.  Identified in 2009, this virus infected more than 1 million computers in the U.S. The creator of this virus announced his retirement in 2010.


3. Agent.BTZ

Also know by the name Autorun and is assisted through spyware. It infects USB Flash drives. This virus creates AUTORUN.INFO files and DLL file and spreads it in all the drives. When the system is infected, the virus scans all the data on the system and open back doors for all of them.

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Also founded in 2008, it is also known as Downup. The name Conficker is derived from the word configure. The virus creates a botnet and infect the computer using

errors in the operating system. This virus has infected 9 million computers. It is one of the largest know viruses that cause lots of distraction. It uses many techniques of  malware and therefore a counterattack is very difficult. It locks the account and resets it automatically. It also makes the domain controller slower and makes the anti-virus and software inaccessible.




This virus arrived in the year 2009. Like a cartoon villain, it is designed to do damage to the computer system. It is a very unique type of virus, as it targets the industrial systems. Aiming to damage systems such as Iran’s nuclear efforts, oil and gas pipelines, water treatment, power grids and others. Also known as game changer, this virus can steal any manufacturing formula. It further more, is able to steal credit card information, passwords and other essential information from your computer system. Today in the world, there are 44 thousand Stuxnet infections.


As you can derive from the top 9 most dangerous viruses, you need to protect your system against these threats at all cost. So ensure that your system is equip with anti-virus software and if necessary, do a clean up of your system once a month.



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