Managed IT Support

Delivering Predictable Availability

At Oculon we know how confusing and complicated IT matters can appear.
In our time and age most companies recognize the importance of IT Support but they don’t always understand the value of outsourcing their IT Support.


From solution preparation and provisioning, to ongoing support services, outsourcing IT Support can be a huge gain for your company. Allowing you to focus on your business, while we take care of your IT infrastructure. Oculon will deliver using over a decade of expertise matched with the finest breed of Management software.


If your IT Support is predictable, then you know what you get on Friday, is what you’ll get on Monday. With our professional services, you can sleep easy. Knowing you are covered with infrastructure management, back-ups of important files and software monitored and updated.


If your IT Support is available continuously, it allows for a fully customisable and functioning IT support system. Helping you stay connected and working at all times.


Creating a thriving environment certain to succeed.


We have provided businesses across Mpumalanga, and even Limpopo, with state-of-the-art IT Support. Products and services supplied to these businesses offer them peace of mind. Permitting easy management and improving their business functionality.

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