Computer Viruses and Malware

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Computer Viruses and Malware

Ever since computers roamed the net people have had one main question.

“How do I protect my computer from viruses?”


As technology have grown, companies and people have started relying on computers to store valuable information and using it to generate a smooth work flow in their work environment.

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With their main focus on



Computer usage is on an all-time high, it’s of the utmost importance to keep your technology safe, and clean.


???  Understanding Viruses/Malware:

First things first, Malware refers to Malicious Software that can infect your device. Like diseases in the human body can come in any shape and form, so does viruses/malware come in any shape and form on your computer. They all have different ways of operating and executing their tasks.


-> 4 most common viruses/malware:

This Virus does exactly what the name says it does. It infects the files on your device. A virus is able to replicate itself on any device that is plugged into the infected file. Once it has been downloaded, it can replicate to all your files by itself.


This virus holds your information “captive”, and demands that you pay to get your own information back. It encrypts your files/programs on your hard drive and displays a message that demands payment before removing the encryption off of your malware.


Adware refers to the constant popping up of ads in your browser, this virus can make it unmanageable to go online and get something done. You will have constant interruptions with ads. These are most commonly picked upby downloading some “free version” of some software, and are authorized by companies.


This is used to spy on user activity. It steals information, activity, logins etc. from the user. This can become a major problem. This type of malware is also able to adjust security and software settings on your device.


These are just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to malware and viruses.


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