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Website Maintenance – Bronze


Monthly website maintenance to ensure overall user friendliness.

This service is payable on a monthly basis.



Maintaining your website is of utmost importance. Without regular maintenance your website plugins and themes will not be updated & can result in your website being broken.

This is why we offer the BRONZE Maintenance package to our clients; to protect their website from any unnecessary downtime.

This package includes the following:

  • Updating all Plug-ins, themes & software as needed
    • Checking compatibility of plug-ins on website, replacing plug-ins if they are not compatible with latest software/themes.
  • Improving user-friendliness where possible.
    • Uploading new content given to us by the company once a month
Additional information

Additional information


Check compatibility of relevant plugins and update once a month


Check compatibility of relevant theme and update once a month

User Friendliiness

Improving User Friendliness where possible & uploading new content, as given to us by your company, once a month

Content Management

Uploading new content given to us by the company once a month (to the value of one hour)

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